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Work for the EC Radio Staff!

EC Radio is currently looking for applicants interested in three open positions on the executive board:

Treasurer: Are you interested in taking charge of the financial aspects of EC Radio? Do you have experience organizing fundraisers, putting together budgets and leading small teams of focused individuals? We are looking for a well-organized, motivated individual to assume the duties of EC Radio Treasurer who will be willing to work closely with the executive board and the other departments within EC Radio to keep track of group finances and work on fundraising opportunities for the organization. If interested, please apply below!

Programming Director: Do you have an enthusiasm for local music and are willing to become an active and important member of the local New England music community? The programming director of EC Radio will be receiving all local CDs sent to us and organizing our local music collection for the music journalism department and for DJs. The programming director will be in charge of creating playlists of local music that will play when no human DJs are broadcasting over EC Radio, and will also be in charge of creating the programming schedule for Fall 2011. If you are an interested and highly motivated individual, then please apply below!

Events Coordinator: Are you interested in planning and running the concerts, open mic nights, fundraisers, and other events that EC Radio puts on every week? Are you an organized, motivated individual who is willing to lead and coordinate a crack team of individuals who will run these events that EC Radio plans? If so, please apply below!

Applications will be accepted until Sunday, March 19th at midnight. If you know of anyone who you feel would flourish in such a role, please let them know about these opportunities! If you are personally interested in being considered for one of these roles, give it a try! Anyone is welcome to apply, even if you are not currently a member of EC Radio! Please give your name, an email address that we can contact you with, a short resume or description of your previous experience, and a short statement about why you feel that you would fit the role you are interested. Once we have looked through all the applications, we will get back to you and begin to schedule short, stress-free interviews of all our candidates. Don’t be afraid to apply!

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