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Fall 2014 EC Radio Schedule

(NOTE: All shows are subject to preemption in the event of a sports game or special event broadcasted over EC Radio that takes place during that time slot on a particular day. For a complete listing of special events that are scheduled to be broadcasted over EC Radio, click here).

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8 AM
9 AM
10 AM  
11 AM    Allan Parelli
12 PM  DJ Old Schools  Amelia Jule  Allan Parelli
1 PM
Allan Parelli
2 PM Jon Ericksen – Untitled
3 PM
4 PM
5 PM Stacy Chen and Kelly Anderson Dr. Gerdon and Dr. Silver
6 PM Sarah Como   Chris Cambridge Jordan Lindley’s Spotlight on Local Music  Siobhan Gartland Sounds at Six
7 PM  Mary Muench  Tre Armstrong  Kayla Hoffstein  Marcie Paez  Drew Fox Jordan-What The Fox Says
8 PM Michael Legere  Jamie Crisman Stephen Gadbois &Nick Dipaola- Stevenings w/ Steve Mary Muench & Keith Becker  Kaela Boykin  Jeremy Bristol
9 PM Molly, Chelsea, Hannah- The Decaffeinated Coffee House  Brittany Williams Matthew Powers – The Power Hour Matt Rotelli
10PM Troy Ferreira in the Studio Madison Healey – Get Rad with Mad Becca Lampe- Euronights Colleen Muldoon
11 PM  Ally Criner
12 PM
1 AM
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