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Get Involved With EC Radio!

So you’re interested in getting involved with EC Radio but aren’t quite keen on the idea of putting yourself on the air as a DJ yet? That’s absolutely fine with us! We want as many different kinds of people as possible with all kinds of skills and talents working in the EC Radio Organization! We do much more than just broadcast music and talk over the internet, we’re always looking for more people to help us with all of our activities. Here are a few of the ways that YOU could be involved:

Sure we have an internet radio station to advertise all of the events, shows, and promotions that EC Radio puts on, but we can do a lot better than that! From conventional advertising such as fliers, Facebook, and Twitter to creative and innovative new means of promotion, our PR/Advertising committee is heavily involved with getting the word out about EC Radio around campus and the Greater Boston community at large. Do you think you have what it takes to be a member of EC Radio’s PR group? Give it a try!

Music Journalism:
Sick of Rolling Stone and Pitchfork bashing your favorite buzz-band? Think that you can do a better job than them? Well, why not give it a try? Our Music Journalism branch does everything from local album reviews to concert reports and interviews. Stop complaining for once about how wrong all the music reviews that you read are! Do it yourself!

Event Planning:
Want to see more great live acts at Emmanuel College? Do you think that we need more open mic nights and local music showcases? We agree! A lot goes into planning events such as these, and we need as much help as we can get! Do you think you know a thing or two about putting on a successful event, or in finding great bands around the area that could put on fantastic shows here at Emmanuel College? Than we want YOU!

What? Filming? But this is a radio club, right?? Well yeah, but as we mentioned before we do a lot more than just broadcast music and talk over the internet! We film all of the events and local music programs that we broadcast over EC Radio, and we could always use more help in getting this video work done. No video equipment is necessary, we already have all that you need! Has filming been your passion since kindergarten? Well, let us know!

Sound Engineering:
Think you know a lot about technology? That’s great, because a lot of us don’t! Many of our DJs are uninterested in learning the technological aspects of broadcasting over the internet, so this is where you come in! We need a crack team of people who know the ins and outs of our equipment to help out DJs who are a bit technologically challenged, and who can help bring things up and running again if (and when) things go wrong in the broadcast room of EC Radio.

Are you ready to become a member of the most exciting Student Organization at Emmanuel College? Well fill out the quick and easy online form below to let us know what aspects of EC Radio you’re interested in helping out with, and we’ll get you on the appropriate mailing lists right away! You can sign up for as many or as few as you’re comfortable being involved in, it’s all up to you! Sign up today!

Interested in trying out your very own radio show? Find out more information here!

Are you in a band and you’re interested in performing live or having your recordings played on EC Radio? Click here!

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