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Become A DJ!

Interested in becoming a DJ on EC Radio? Fantastic! Sure it may seem intimidating at first, but having your own radio show is a fun and rewarding way to get involved on Campus and to get your voice heard by the EC Community and world at large. Many time slots are still available, and more will free up throughout the semester. In addition, we revisit the scheduling process at the beginning of each semester, so even though you may not have gotten the time slot you were hoping for at first, no one’s to say that you won’t get it a little further down the road.

What do EC Radio DJs broadcast? Our DJs broadcast news, talk, opinion, sports commentary, conspiracy theories, and every type of music under the sun (or across the universe for all you Beatles fans out there). EC Radio is 100% independent and doesn’t follow any specific College Radio format, so our DJs are free to design their shows to best suit them. Some DJs may choose to play all music without talking, while others may choose to have a show based 100% on news and talk with no music at all. It’s up to you! We want to be able to have a radio organization that represents the individual voices of Emmanuel’s vibrant and diverse community of students, teachers, and faculty, so the only type of music that we broadcast is… YOUR music!

Worried that the broadcasting equipment will be too complicated to figure out? Never fear! EC Radio has a crack team of technologically-savvy studio managers who will be able to guide you through the equipment, and can even take care of the technological aspect of your show for you so you can focus on getting your voice heard!

Still not convinced? Sleep on it! Listen in to other shows, and maybe try co-DJing on a current show and see how you like it! Our DJs are friendly by nature, and they’re always willing to talk to you and answer questions about their experiences broadcasting on EC Radio. Just remember, it’s never too late to become a DJ on EC Radio, so when you decide the time is right for you, just fill out the easy online form below and we’ll get you on the radio right away!

Still not convinced that you want to do your own radio show? That’s fine! There’s MANY other ways that you can be an active and vital part of the EC Radio community. Click here to find out how!



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