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Soap Box Moment! And Aziz Ansari!

February 5, 2013

Okay, we don’t want to wax too political here, but today we want to make a plug for college radio.  Let’s face it:  We know listeners have a choice.  In fact, listeners may have too much choice these days.  The question becomes, “Why listen to college radio?”  It’s one we get here at the station all the time.

Today we want to tell you why what we do is special and worth supporting.

What do we offer?

Independent, thoughtful programming that you can’t hear on commercial stations.  Period.  We focus on local musicians, tunes you won’t hear elsewhere.  Stuff that isn’t being produced by fiat at large record companies.  We’re scanning the musical horizons so you don’t have to!  Maybe our our buddies at WZBC (Boston College’s station) say it more eloquently:

…if you want to hear new music or expand your musical palette, then listen to us . . . There are so many outlets to listen to mainstream radio, there are so few outlets to listen to intellectually progressive programming, which is what we are offering.

It’s easy to pronounce radio a dead medium.  But the truth is:  PEOPLE ARE LISTENING.  ECRadio has a world-wide audience. We mean every continent.  (Okay, maybe not Antarctica.)

So, what we ask today, as we gear up for next week–and the introduction of our exciting spring lineup of shows–is to support college radio by tuning in!  We’re making programming just for you!  Mmmmmm.  Yummy! So sit back, tune in, and enjoy!

Speaking of Mmmmm. Yummy!  Let’s make a spurious connection between the above topic and a great routine from Aziz Ansari who explains how amazing it was to see rapper 50 Cent encounter a grapefruit for the first time…

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